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  • The acid test of The Sound of Supercars: a 10-month-old baby- though it’s aimed at three-years-plus. It did the trick, bringing smiles with every pressof a button. The board pages are hard-wearing, the buttons perhaps less so. Theres’s a variety of cards, from Morgan 3 Wheeler to Tesla, via Aston DB5 and modern sports and supercars.

    The words might not sink in for a few years yet, but this is a great way to five the next generation of enthusiasts a nudge in the right direction.

    Classic & Sports Car Magazine

  • Here we have a book of a different type by A C Pinnington and C S Buckingham. No it’s not exclusively about Morgan, although it does include the Morgan 3 Wheeler.

    If you like cars in general this book is full of facts about 12 superb vehicles. It includes the unique noises they make at the touch of a button, making this book fun and interactive for children of all ages.

    Mog Magazine

  • ‘The Sounds of Supercars’ is the oddest product to land on the motoring desk in years; a book providing exactly what it promises on the cover; sounds of cars being belted along a race track.

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    Evening Standard Online

  • BERLIN: The latest toy for petrolheads and their children is a new book which allows readers to “rev up” their favourite supercars and hear authentic and exotic engine sounds — including the whirr of an electric Tesla.

    “The Sound Of Supercars” contains what the publishers say are crystal-clear audio clips of 12 of the world’s fastest, most exciting and most exclusive cars.

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  • Auto Express

  • Erm…not exactly, but you can hear the cars being revved in this newly launched ‘The Sound Of Supercars’, a book incorporating audio clips of some of the world’s fastest, most exciting and most exclusive cars…

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